This web-service simulates and eliminates one-dimensional and two-dimensional instrumental distortion. If you are not familiar with this problem, there are some pages with theoretical basis.

To simulate instrumental distortion you should define the input function and the spread one. To eliminate instrumental distortion you should define the output function, the spread function and, probably, the filter. Please, select the appropriate way of function definition from the drop-down list: "file" or "formula". If you define a function analytically (by means of formula) you should specify the size of the sampling ("Size" field) and the sampling interval ("Step" field). When all these fields are filled, press the "CALCULATE" button.

All the requests are numbered. Results are stored on the server for a day since the last update of the request. During this time you can view calculation results. You can change some functions of calculated request. Unchanged functions won't be transferred over the network. The program will use their server copy.

To start using the web-service You must identify Yourself: fill in the blue form on the left with Your login and password. If You are not registered yet look through the terms & conditions and fill in the registration form.

It's recommended to read some tutorials: