English Training Summer Camp 
Perm 2003 
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English Training Summer Camp - Movies

Shooting by Andrey Velichko, partly by Alexei Moschevikin and Sergey Podryadchikov.

Video processing by Andrey Velichko and Sergey Podryadchikov.

You may download avi files or bin files. To prevent corrupting files while downloading, try to change its extension to bin (there is the symbolic link of each file to *.bin). Then rename *.bin files to *.avi.

Overall view of the camp
75,6 Mb
Night at the campfire
140,7 Mb
Excursion to caves
221,0 Mb
Closing ceremony
64,1 Mb
Nostalgia by KVN
235,7 Mb
Amusements with tennis-rackets
57,7 Mb


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