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The priority of our center is to educate highly professional, passionate and, thus, competitive specialists. Creating and employing cutting-edge means of education, we aim at making our knowledge and facilities available to a wide range of learners: faculty, students, numerous scholars, researchers, and colleagues. We believe that it is progressive to reap the benefits of modern technology!

At the Plasma Research and Education Center, we create curricula and specialized courses in fundamental processes in plasma physics and its applications. Innovations are introduced into the educational process of undergraduate and graduate students at REC, the department of physical engineering at Petrozavodsk State University, and its branches in Apatiti and Kostomuksha.

Popularization of distant education is one of our priorities. Our multimedia systems provide access to remote informational resources and experimental-measuring complexes via the Internet. Much work is done to develop and provide availability of electronic educational materials, training systems and online tests ( for cross-university and international cooperation. We provide distant education in REC-related fields at Petrozavodsk State University and its branches as well as at manufactures of the Republic of Karelia and for other interested clients. There is also advanced and enrichment training for specialists in plasma and information technologies.

We are always interested in teamwork and believe that collaboration is success! Currently, there is a number of academic projects with scientific centers and universities of Russia and foreign countries. Regular mutual visits of professors (5 — 7 people annually) from other research and educational centers help to accumulate knowledge and technology, establish new working relations, and bring together people that share similar interests.

Much emphasis in our center is put on student exchange programs. We highly encourage our students to partake in various programs (see information on grants) and help them with all paper work.

Exchange students are very welcome in our center. By choosing our center as a place to study or for a semester abroad, one can be sure that all our facilities and friendly community will be at his/her disposal. We believe that exchange programs are a tremendously enriching experience and an eye-opener for any individual.

To popularize physics and share our knowledge, we are committed to various physics-oriented educational activities: contests in physics, plasma physics, plasma applications; seminars, conferences, schools at city, regional, federal, and international levels.

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