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The Plasma Research and Education Center has a unique working and recreational environment.

The territory of the center is a modern campus with two new buildings and parking lots. The provided facilities include spacious rooms, hi-tech research and computer laboratories , a dining hall, and a library.

There are several unique automated information-measuring complexes based on high-resolution equipment for optical, spectroscopic, X-ray, chromatographic, mass spectroscopic, and other research. They are used for scientific and educational purposes and are connected to Petrozavodsk State University local network and to the Internet. There is a remote access to these setups based on a protocol developed at the center and a client-equipment server interaction scheme via a communication server.

Faculty and students enjoy all the achievements of technical progress. As a result, educational activities become effective and exciting.

Our visitors are accommodated right on campus in single or double rooms with spectacular view of Karelian nature. Our guests may choose to have their meals in one of the kitchens with all household utensils or at the cafeteria located on the ground floor.

Although not far from downtown, the campus is surrounded by the woods that separate it from hustle and bustle of the city. Such a great location is perfect for work and recreation — in the summer, we cherish beautiful nature, long walks, and picnics; in the winter, there is a new ski center right next to the main building. One can easily participate in local and international championships held on a regular basis.

The library of our Center houses an amazing collection of contemporary scientific literature, educational materials, manuals, electronic textbooks, and a wide range of periodicals. Many resources are available online.

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