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Grants and Events

Initiating a wide range of activities at the Plasma Center, we are intent on providing efficient interaction among all the components of scientific and academic work. The main purpose is to find optimal possibilities for the expansion of both theoretical knowledge and practical applications. Feeling true significance of their work, REC's employees take an active interest in the project and constantly come up with new ideas and ways of solving the tasks set.

Regular Plasma events are as follows:

  • scientific conferences, seminars, and workshops with the focus on REC's field of research;
  • enrichment conferences for faculty and staff (see the schedule);
  • lectures, seminars, and training featuring guest speakers — professors, scientists, and experts;
  • advanced training for university faculty and scholars;
  • weekly meetings featuring discussions of original concepts, innovative ideas, and current issues.

Half of our staff is young people; therefore, a lot of support and encouragement go directly to them. There are a number of activities and benefits developed especially for students and young researchers:

  • annual scholarship award — REC's financial support (60 — 300$) granted to undergraduate and graduate students as well as young researchers;
  • enrollment on a competitive basis of young candidates of science from any Russian city and institution for a 3-year period with adequate financial support and guidance in their work for a Doctor's degree in a REC-related field;
  • english language training program for faculty and students. Organization of scientific conferences in English;
  • english Summer Camp 2006, partly financed by CRDF and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, held in the suburbs of Petrozavodsk;
  • an annual school for young researchers in a picturesque spot — Shotozero (see photos).

For more information, please contact Alexei P. Moschevikin, project coordinator, at alexmou(at)

Research Laboratories

  • highly ionized low temperature plasma laboratory;
  • dusty plasma laboratory;
  • microplasmotron technique laboratory;
  • research laboratory of micro and nano electronics;
  • physics of atom collisions laboratory;
  • research laboratory of atomic and molecular spectroscopy and optical diagnostics of plasma;
  • plasma chemistry laboratory;
  • experiment automation laboratory (distributed laboratory of remote access to unique scientific equipment);
  • structural research laboratory;
  • gas discharge laboratory (at Karelian State Pedagogical University).


The majority of conducted activity is being performed in collaboration with domestic and foreign institutions and commercial organizations:

  • Institute of Thermophysics, SB RAS (Novosibirsk) — emission parameters of RF discharges in Hg vapors and rare gases;
  • Institute of High Current Electronics, SBRAS (Tomsk) — DC plasma in large volumes;
    Institute of Thermal Physics of Extreme States of RAS — complex plasma;
  • Moscow Engineering Physics Institute — processes on the surfaces of particles in dusty plasma;
  • Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) — studying matter modification in plasma;
  • VTT Technical Research Center (Finland) — application of wireless technologies including Nanonet standard into environmental and industrial monitoring;
  • Russian Scientific Center Kurchatov Institute (Moscow) — carbonic nanotubes and fullerenes, generated in plasma;
  • Institutes of Geology, Biology and Forest (Karelian Research Center of RAS) — carbonic minerals and organic materials modified in plasma.

The Plasma Research and Education Center is open to new projects and team work.


REC Plasma
Petrozavodsk State University
Lenin Str. 33, room 225, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, 185910, Russian Federation
Telephones: +7 (8142) 719680
Fax: +7 (8142) 711000

Project director
Khakhaev Anatoly Diamidovich, professor, doctor
Director of scientific research component
Eletskii Alexander Valentinovich, professor, doctor
Director of educational component
Sysun Valery Ivanovich, professor, doctor
Director of external relations component
Gurtov Valery Alekseevich, professor, doctor
Project coordinator
Moschevikin Alexei Petrovich, candidate
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