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Automated spectrometry complex Light («Свет»)

  • atomic and molecular spectroscopy, including Raman scattering;
  • local quantative diagnostics of heterogeneous axially-symmetrical plasma.

Contour («Контур»)

  • high resolution spectroscopy with the use of Fabry-Perot interferometer;
  • structural analysis of spectral lines;
  • plasma diagnostics based on line contours.

Structure («Структура»)

  • processes and mechanisms of plasma crystal formation;
  • visualization of dusty structures in plasma;
  • vacuum condition control;
  • probe plasma diagnostics;
  • optical plasma diagnostics;
  • registration of voltage-current characteristics.

Complex Beam («Пучок»)

  • research in the area of fundamental atomic physics;
  • functional measurements of excited atoms, by neutral and charged particles, in crossed beams and gas cells;
  • studies on patterns of excitation.

Atomic absorption spectrometer MGA-915 («МГА-915»)

  • structural analysis of various media;
  • environmental monitoring;
  • geological survey;
  • technical control;
  • healthcare;
  • industrial sanitation;
  • food quality control;
  • medication quality control;
  • research.

Hardware and software complex on the basis of an automated multichannel gas chromatograph Crystal 2000M («Кристалл 2000М»)

  • qualitative and quantative analysis of molecular compounds;
  • ecology;
  • chemistry;
  • petrochemistry;
  • healthcare;
  • food industry;
  • industrial processing control;
  • sanitation;
  • research.

Vacuum universal post VUP-5M («ВУП-5М»)

  • ionic sputtering and etching of metals in vacuum;
  • scanning and transmission microscopy analysis of obtained surfaces;
  • studies of ion-beam modifications of transition metal oxide films.

Other equipment

  • photo equipment for tomography;
  • high performance server;
  • high frequency plasma generator;
  • oscilloscopes;
  • multiscan microscope;
  • scanning electron microscope;
  • chromatographic equipment;
  • lasers for various applications;
  • x-ray equipment;
  • pumping devices.
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