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  • Nano- and Microstructures

    Synthesis, modification, destruction, configuration of nano- and microobjects in plasmas when matter interacts with energy flows. Use in electronics, physics, chemistry, and biology.

    Miniature nano-size materials and devices, macromolecular complexes, and monitoring of micro and nano-objects create new industrial and educational applications in electronics, physics, chemistry, and biology.

  • Plasma Crystals

    Synthesis, "melting" and "vapor" of ordered dusty plasma structures, their diagnostics, investigation of existence conditions affected by external factors and the composition of a condensed disperse phase. Correspondent research on properties of materials.

    Similar studies are carried out in a number of research centers around the world. Achieved results prove that obtained dusty plasma structures possess unique individual properties not typical for its components.

  • Matter Modification in Plasma

    The influence of plasma-chemical processes and energy saturation on modification of various natural polymers and biological structures.

    Achievements in plasma-chemical processes are applied to biomedicine, sanitation, metallurgy, mining, timber, and energy-conservation industries.

  • Plasma Generators

    Research into characteristics of plasma generation systems for task-oriented work upon matter; creation of effective emitting media, reactors of plasma-chemical synthesis and matter destruction for obtaining materials with desired properties.

    Low temperature plasma generators enhance efficiency of a device (e.g. highly-efficient electrodeless HF- lamps). Besides, due to a unique affect on biological objects, plasma can be used as an instrument in healthcare, agriculture, food industry, and sanitation. Plasma generators are a fundamental part of prospective plasma, ionic, and arch engines.

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